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Webquiver is a global Software solution, products, services & consulting firm focusing on software engineering, web apps and mobile computing, cloud strategy- architecture, design & implementation, Cloud hosting, current state assessment and future state architecture development, e-Commerce and m-Commerce solutions and products. We bring years of experience and a wide knowledge of pragmatic best practices to our prospective clients and their businesses. All this is delivered through a proven methodology for helping businesses from small, medium to large, Business units, CxOs and other IT executives determine which areas of their IT hold the biggest opportunities for a meaningful business strategy in the short, medium and/or long term goal.

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Motello is fully fledged Hotel management with powerful features, Motello makes it easy for you to manage your daily operations while improving your overall guest services. Designed and developed under the guidance of hospitality experts, the hotel management system can accommodate the most best operational requirement regardless what type of property you manage. As we know time is money in the industry, a good property management system not only saves you time but helps you complete the operations efficiently and increase productivity. We provide Online booking system for the customers which helps you to increase your sales.

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As the name indicates capsule encapsulates all medical and accounting records all together. Customization and Enhancements gives flexibility and dynamicity to capsule in all aspects. The Software works like a friend of the administration. Features like Phone booking, Notifications enhance the software in every means. It also makes the doctor happy for what they do. The important part of the fact is that the hospital becomes automated, thus advanced. All paper filing procedures becomes paperless and makes the management keep the document safe and secure. Capsule takes the baton of management responsibility from you and says Take Rest.

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Kid Guido is fully fledged student performance monitoring and caring App for parents. No more hiding bad report cards. Or skipping class. Or doing just about anything else in school that students usually want to hide from their parents. Kid Guido Mobile Application help parents to view Mark lists, Attendance, School Memo, Fees structures etc related to your Kid. The perfect care for your Kid.

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School Mate is an Offline school management for Primary/UP level schools. Helps to manage the students data and related details. Easy to search pass out students and fetch details. The best database offline application for your school.

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ReckOD is an SMS based token management system. ReckOD is GSM automated system integrated with software interfaces which can access from either in wireless network or in LAN. ReckOD helps to get your tokens easily via SMS from your Dcotors/Clinics/Hospitals.

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Easy Bill allows you to generate bills/quotations instantly for your low/medium scale business. Bill/Quotation layout can be designed in good interface and bills can be kept in pdf format. Now forget your bill/Quote book and use Easy Bill.

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Netsals is fully fledged project and sales management application in cloud. Netsals helps you to enter, monitor and execute the sales and projects without any burden. Now you can handle business from anywhere in the world. Netsals is a SaaS based solution which can widely manage your Sales pipelines, Project Management, Sales follow-ups and all company related managements.

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EasyTrade compromises Accounts,purchase and Inventory, Billing as well as Vat Solution. The most advantages of the software is it covers many critical area of business, it gives freedom of enjoyment in business in many ways for a businessman in their day to day affairs. It gives their client a real enjoyment of business in all aspects. EasyTrade also provides POS for your business.

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Are you looking for a strategic consultancy focusing on software engineering, web apps and mobile computing, cloud strategy- architecture, design & implementation, Cloud hosting, current state assessment and future state architecture development, e-Commerce and m-Commerce solutions and products? We are here to help you..

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